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America’s state of denial. 

This is the conversation that sprung up when I put up a picture of dead children who were killed by drones. 

They were “offended”, not by the fact that we are droning innocent children to death, but by the fact that I put up a picture of it…

This is the America we live in. Out of sight, out of mind.

As Mark Twain once uttered the words that have come to be my favorite quote of his, ”It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

So a person put dead babies on their facebook and were surprised to see negative things come of it?


Here is the point of my post —-> X

Here is your head —-> (?)

Posting dead babies is not the problem. Creating dead babies is. 

Any more stupid questions?

Sugashane, it’s appalling isn’t it?
I received the same gut-reactions when I posted the same image to Facebook. People were belittling me because of how “abhorrent” the images were. I told them, generally, “perhaps you should consider voting for someone who won’t create circumstances like that which is photographed here.”

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    Not trying to get anyone to agree with anything. Just trying to let them know that these deaths are a direct result of...
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    No no, I see the point. Trying to use shock value to get people to agree with you. Guess what champ kids die everyday....
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    You all have to consider the environment however in which these images are posted. This is a problem of protesting on...
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    Sugashane, it’s appalling isn’t it? I received the same gut-reactions when I posted the same image to Facebook. People...
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  14. writerwhocouldntwrite said: i got the same sort of comment! i was actually told that i was much worse than the people who committed these war crimes…..