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I love watching “libertarians” go communist, after having predicted this months ago.





I was yelling and screaming that they were using leftist buzzwords, and leftist reasoning.

Now here we are, and they’re admitting they’re really commies.

Libertarians have always been communists. Deal with it.



Yeah, no. Just no.

i’m so confused. libertarians are communist?

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    I go all commie and hate it when they call me a fucking libertarian. Because I’m not. I’m a Marxist in my analysis, a...
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    Ugh, ok, this is why i hate American Libertarians. They’re fucking ignorant and have no idea that their usage of the...
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    the stupid thing about this post is the fact that communism does not work. just like capitalism, monarchy or any other...
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    I’m guessing that CK isn’t actually going to respond to this probably because she’s an idiot and has no clue how to...
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