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Price of Liberty

A display of the true nature of the American political machine. This blog is a collection of posts and news articles predominantly focusing on the West's setting sun. Check out the link portal below or scroll through the infinite multitude of posts. View my tag cloud. Yes, some of these posts are apolitical and personal in nature.

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    As horrible as the shooting was, I don’t think this is the appropriate response. Why not start with teaching your kid...
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    I say we just throw the books in there too, yes? *Raises hand* ALLHAILBIGBROTHER
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    I knew the bullshit Wayne LaPierre said would come to this. Fucking sheeps
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    Up Next: A good ol’ fashioned Tom Clancy book burning…
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    Today’s video games, movies etc. are yesterday’s books. Nothing good ever comes from a book burning. :(
  7. sloanesays said: Anyone who discounts the media’s effects on our culture is abysmally in denial, but so is anyone who thinks burning books/video games/anything else. HISTORY, have you read it?!
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