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Imperium: The Crisis of Being details the cyclical nature of human history, and the rise and fall of all civilizations and cultures.

Here are some key points which are evidenced by brief glimpses into world history, ranging from ancient China to ancient Egypt:

  • Every culture is imbued with its own ‘religious’ world-view
  • As this idea is refined, it manifests itself as a multiplicity of cultural identities (nations)
  • Each has their own, distinct interpretation of the world-view
  • All energy directed inward [self-reflection in philosophy, art, science, literature) becomes directed outwardly towards politics, war, economics, and law.
  • Final expression is idealism and expansion manifested as imperialism
  • Culture is organic anddoeshave a lifespan (roughly 45 human generations)

It is a cyclical process and as more people move to urban centers, they become disconnected from the cultural tradition of the countryside. All knowledge once focused inward is instead turned outward: cultural critique, deconstruction of ‘social norms’ and appeals to the impractical “ideal.”

Expansion will always occur until it exhausts all avenues and the Civilization collapses upon itself. “World Wars” are categorized by a utilization of technology and mass (in numbers) without hesitation or regard for the human consequences. Leaders become increasingly populist and use plebeian words to appeal to the now-displaced poor and lower classes in the cities; “greater good,” “the working man,” etc.

I highly suggest you take a look.

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