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A display of the true nature of the American political machine. This blog is a collection of posts and news articles predominantly focusing on the West's setting sun. "No Man is An Island," but forced equality is a myth. Here, we look at the price we pay for liberty.

I don't pretend to be an authority on anything and my academic qualifications are far from thorough. Still, I try to remain open-minded and ready to learn! Check out the link portal below or scroll through the infinite multitude of posts.

Yes, some of these posts are apolitical and personal in nature.

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    Yet people actually want to live in such a world? WTF?
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    Thank goodness New Yorkers have Bloomberg around to save them from themselves. After this, I hear he’s going to have...
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    Assult Walkman. /dead
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    click through to read the-vviolet-prince’s (Jesse’s) response :v
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    That’s because you’re failing to acknowledge Bloomberg’s pattern of behavior since he’s taken office. This isn’t a guns...
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    I’m still failing to see how we are being “disarmed” because he wants to aid the citizens of New York in living a fuller...
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    I hate jumping into things like this but you guys are acting like this is something more than just a public awareness...
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    Makin’ me proud, boy. On a less condescending and more serious note, who’s business is it besides mine how loud I listen...
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    #really people #government isnt out to crush your freedoms #think before you speak problems with what you’re saying yes,...
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    Seriously? That’s fucking stupid. Plz Nannystate save us from ourselves
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    Meanwhile, in New South Wales, it’s going to be illegal to build a new apartment block where the windows above the first...
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    I own an Assault Guitar…
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    I can’t wait until he dies.