Price of Liberty

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The year is 2032 …

You’ve managed to escape from the FEMA camp you were forced into after a false flag dirty bomb attack was used to enact nation wide martial law.

As you run desperately toward the horizon you choke on the air full of aluminum oxide. Routine chem trailing ensures that only Monsanto’s genetically modified creations grow, preventing criminal dissidents from growing their own food supply.

As you reach the top of a small hill you come face to face with the military’s latest patrol-bot. In a fraction of a second the machine’s sophisticated camera and computer system analyze your face and scan the biometric data in your subdermal implant. Immediately the drone opens fire, cutting you down in a hail of bullets that were manufactured in China.

As you sputter out your final breath your one final thought is, “If only I had voted for Ron Paul…”

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    “It’s Happening”
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    I want a book of this. Realistic Post-apoc/happening stories. None of that zombie crap.
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    please tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought of this after reading that
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    But they make great reaction pictures!
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    Yeah but they don’t look like Vampire Hunter D robot horses >:O
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