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Absolutely pathetic Stormtroll breaks down to tears after getting caught tweeting racial slurs

A New York City EMS lieutenant broke down in tears on the street on Friday when he was confronted over racist tweets and offense comments he made on his Twitter feed. 

Timothy Dluhos, who works for the Fire Department of New York, made posts calling Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is Jewish, ‘King Heeb,’ referring to black people as ‘coloreds’ and calling Asians ‘chinks,’ according to reports. 

He also tweeted that his most prized possession is Nazi gold pin with a German U-Boat and a swastika.

The New York Post discovered the officials social media account, which featured a profile picture of Adolf Hitler, and confronted Dluhos outside his home on Staten Island. 

'My life is ruined. Oh, my God, I’m so sorry,' he cried as he broke down in tears, the newspaper reports.

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    His life wouldn’t have been ruined if he took a second and thought re saying those things online.
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    What is this guy? A 4-year-old!? He needs to own his shit and grow up. 1.Hold position where one works as a public...
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    It is possible that his discriminatory opinions could effect the duties with which he has been charged by the...
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