Price of Liberty

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Resist — This symbol represents the resistors used in most modern technology. In electric circuitry, it controls the voltage of the current by providing resistance. The level of resistance depends on its physical composition.

In the social realm, the currents to be controlled are the political forces in motion that would bring harm to others. Our country is under attack by its own operating system; it has been corrupted by a virus.

The ideological struggle for dominance this generation is marked distinct from any other by a competition to control the flow of information; modern global political economics is dominated by this unprecedented network of knowledge.

On an individual level, one has felt the size of the earth shrink tremendously in the last decade alone. Our social, political, and economic interdependence has never been tighter. The people who inhabit this planet are bound together by their market exchanges and mutually beneficial social networks. In the 21st century, the information superhighway is the Silk Road of its era.

Despite the immense growth in wealth and prosperity, the inhabitants of this earth are still subject to wide-scale suffering, carrying with it global ramifications. All too often, this suffering might have been avoided but for State force of authority. Like the fluid, yet distinguished cultures dotting the planet, state governments have arisen in many forms - but while the form may vary, the aim does not. The end game for the increasing expansion and centralization of State authority is tyranny; regardless of conscious intent, this transition is marked by an objective pattern which has been recorded throughout history with frightening regularity. A people quick to dismiss such notions have already begun to slink into ideological submissiveness.

The political, social, and economic forces which herald this transition are a complex series of human relationships. By virtue of our everyday consensual interactions we shape the world and everything about it from the prices of a loaf of bread to the judicial standards for that most paramount of ideas - equality.

Endowed by our very nature with the liberty to act and think as we please within the bounds of respecting that same right of others, we are likewise burdened with the responsibility of self-awareness. This responsibility brings with it a duty to be reasonably informed about the affairs in which one engages; for how can a relationship between two individuals be mutually consensual if one is ignorant of the explicit intentions of another?

Pervasive ignorance facilitates the coercive powers of the state. All over the world governments are curtailing the liberties of their citizens; erecting cameras on the streets, eroding due process in the courts, abusing police powers in our cities and in our homes, spying secretly on our private conversations, shoveling ourselves and future generations into debt in order to finance misguided wars - and all of it is based on absolutely false or deliberately misleading information.

The ideological struggle for dominance this generation is marked distinct from any other by a competition to control the flow of information; our world is driven by the policies shaped by our understanding this unprecedented network of knowledge.

Although resistors are small in comparison to their motherboard environments, they play a vital role in stopping the flow of excess energy. Likewise the spirit of ideological resistance may be marked by individual acts of resistance all over the world; we are all a part of a single global sociopolitical circuit. Every day our exchanges with one another define how our future takes shape. Reject the false principles around which your life is based and resist the unjust.

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