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(CNN) — The increasingly slapstick global steeplechase in pursuit of Edward Snowden, the former American contractor who leaked top-secret details of surveillance programs, looks like a cross between “The Hunt for Red October” and “The Bonfire of the Vanities.”

Nobody, except perhaps Snowden himself, is coming out of this well.

While the CIA’s Public Enemy Number One plays Captain Marko Ramius, keeping stumm beneath the (radio) waves in the Moscow transit zone, Very Important People are making themselves ridiculous in vintage Tom Wolfe style.

High on the list is John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State. Huffing and puffing, Kerry warned China and Russia of “consequences” if, as seems probable, they have conspired to deliberately thwart U.S. justice by twisting the long arm of the law.

Like too many American politicians, Kerry seems to believe “the law” is what the White House counsel and U.S. Justice Department deem it to be on any given day, and that this made-in-America “law” applies inexorably to every country and every corner of the world.

Wrong, John. It’s like invading somebody else’s country without a U.N. Security Council resolution, or entering a home without a warrant. Not advisable, unless you relish hand-to-hand combat and endless sarcasm.

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