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Price of Liberty

A display of the true nature of the American political machine. This blog is a collection of posts and news articles predominantly focusing on the West's setting sun. Check out the link portal below or scroll through the infinite multitude of posts. View my tag cloud. Yes, some of these posts are apolitical and personal in nature.

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Check your privilege!

Check your privilege!

Tagged: #white people #check your privilege #slavery #racism #white guilt

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    Pathetic. Why would anyone ever feel bad to be white?
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    omg go suck a dick you stupid racist people its like tumblr is full of sjws ethnic racists and radical feminists why...
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    What on Earth?!
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    If I ever grow up to meet cunts like this, I will laugh so fucking hard in their faces.
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    I’ve got a huge feeling of Fremdschämen right now. Omg.
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    Awww, bless.
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    This is honestly one of the most disgusting pictures I have ever seen. To debase yourself like this out of hatred for...
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    its supposed to be “symbolic” theyre sorry for being white, pretty much. you see, these people are so toxic and spew so...
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    I’m not involved per sé but I do troll with that kind of stuff. However, why are those peoe in chains is the real...
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    Lol in Comic Sans it almost seems sarcastic.
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    You know priceofliberty doesn’t support this photo in any way and it was a sarcastic comment right?
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    Oh right I would know that because in the 5 minute break I have at work I can check out his profile, source of picture,...
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