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These 2 crop formations appeared on 21st August 2001 in the same field next to the Chilbolton Telescope. One formation resembles the original Arecibo message that was broadcast all those years ago, however with significant alterations.

The other formation resembles what is known as a “Half tone pattern”, which when observed gives the appearance of a face.

The altered Arecibo message is very interesting. In it, we can see that the formatting of the message has remained the same but some key information has changed. Among the changes, one indicates that a common element is Silica. Along with this, there appears to be an extra stand of DNA in the helix model as well as a change in the number of nucleotides.

Most startling, is an image of a strange being where the image of a human once was. Also shown is an image of a solar system in which it appears 3 planets are inhabited.

The bottom of the image, designated in the original broadcast to show the shape of the telescope we used to send the message - appears to show a different type of transmitter. Which when observed, resembles the first crop formation that appeared in the Chilbolton field.

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