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Pennsylvania Man Protests Property Taxes by Paying in $1 Bills

Lehigh Valley Live reported Wednesday that Forks Township, Pennsylvania resident Robert Fernandes paid his school tax bill in $1 bills after becoming fed up with paying into a school district his family doesn’t use.

According to the report, Fernandes’ total property tax bill is nearly $10,000, with over $7,100 going toward school taxes alone. To create a visual of just how much people spend on such taxes, he decided to pay the school tax portion of his bill in person, bringing stacks of hundreds of singles.

Fernandes, who works as an IT manager in New Jersey, does have three children. However, his wife home schools them, thereby keeping them out of the public school system.

He made it clear he does not agree he should have to pay school taxes, equating them to theft. Specifically, Fernandes stated, “…I am using the word stolen because I’m not here voluntarily paying this money to anybody. I’m here because I fear for the threat somebody will come and take my house away from me if I don’t pay this.”

Humorously, the tax collector asked if they could go to a bank to count the money. Fernandes noted the absurdity of her request by stating, “I think it says a lot that they can’t even count this large amount of money here. They expect me to work hard for it and other people to work hard for their money, but they can’t even count it in the place that they collect it.”

Ultimately, Fernandes claims his actions were not motivated by politics, but by ethics and morality. He hopes his effort will motivate others to do the same thing.

A video of the incident can be seen here.

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