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This was given to 6th graders at Milam elementary in Tupelo, MS. It is the 6th grade school. They were told to not speak about it outside of class and to not take it home. She snuck it home because she knew her parents would want to see it.

Common core strikes again.

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    Read what it says about military.
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    whats with america only making it seem like theres two parties to vote for…
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    This whole paper is so one sided. “CLOSE-MINDED” as Libs like to call it. Ask a pro-lifer what their views are? Ask a...
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    Also this is clearly unbiased and almost certainly unrelated to common core. Dumbass libertarians this time
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    Whilst symbolic speech is protected, it’s still pretty damn disrespectful to burn the flag of your fuckin country
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    You mean you should be OK with it because the First Amendment is more important than the symbol that stands for it.
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    what shit are they teaching..
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    All flags should be burned. delegitimize governments, delegitimize state sponsored violence. Rule/govern yourself.